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Our clients entrust us with their most important customer, partner and employee relationships. It's comforting to know that when we utilize the Golf Event Company, they'll deliver premium planning, execution and service. Carlson Marketing Group's mission is to help its clients build better relationships with the key audiences they depend on for their business success. We understand that in today's increasingly complex marketplace, one thing is clear: relationships always drive business results. The Golf Event Company helps our team exceed client expectations and deliver measurable results.

Cynthia Grissom
Director, Industry Relations
Relationship Travel & Event Solutions
Carlson Marketing Group


I have used the Golf Event Company for years. I can't take a chance on a bad golf tournament with hundreds of franchisees who count on a great time. I trust Susanne Marx and The Golf Event Company with our annual Gold's Gym Golf Tournament. It is the event that starts off our International Convention so it has to be successful. Susanne and her company deliver!

Derek Barton
Senior VP of Marketing
Gold's Gym International